How to repack trailer wheel bearings with bearing buddies

I don't check them again for at least 5 years, unless I have the wheel off for some other reason like painting or changing tires. bearing buddies were a great invention for the guy that travels less than 50 miles from the lake and submergies the trailer bearings at the ramp each time . Make sure that you work the grease into every gap in the bearing. Replace the seals with new, and generously coat everything in grease. Bearing buddy’s will actually fill the whole cavity by pushing grease thru the bearing. Bearing protectors, if so equipped, have no lip to pry under, so tap the protector as you rotate the hub, Genuine Bearing Buddy®, manufactured since 1963. Your inner wheel bearings lay in the center hole of the drum or disc. Firmly work the grease into the bearing until grease begins to appear on the other side. 30 Mar 2014 Bearing Buddies were developed for boat trailers. Trailer bearings are submersed and the seals are open to anthing that gets pelted at them if they don’t have brakes. white lithem grease is used its water proof and the hub is pressureized to keep water out, ok the down side on long hauls the open area of the hub is also a cooler to keep the bearings cool and to disperse heat the cages on the roller Apr 16, 2020 · Bearing Buddy is a system of trailer bearing protectors designed to replace your standard bearing dust caps and keep moisture and dirt out of your bearings. Wheel bearings come in different sizes depending on their use and are matched to the load rating of the trailer. I removed the dust cover/grease cap and observed and generous amount of grease that still has good color. Replacing the wheel bearings, drums and backing plate on my trailer. The best way to end up in this situation, is to re-pack your wheel bearings every three or four seasons. If you don't remove that inner zerk , the inside bearing doesn't get any fresh grease when you lube the bearing buddy. Your trailer is equipped with the Trailer Buddy® Axle. . Oct 31, 2007 · If these bearing are on a non water submiresed trailer then just pack them and put the caps back on. You can discard the old grease seal. When left unattended, this will lead to wear and, ultimately, to bearing failure. First, loosen the lug nuts on one wheel and raise the side of the trailer with a jack. Quick check to do: jack up the wheel and check the 'play' side to side. But boat trailers with small wheels require re-packing every 2,000 miles. Oct 31, 2007 · After I started this thead, I went to ask. Adventure Rig 534,752 views · 11:55 · Pt. Continue this procedure until you ''walk'' the Bearing Buddy® out of the hub. With Genuine Bearing Buddy your trailer, hubs and axles will always be protected. But on the way home I noticed the trailer making a couple of strange noises. i. I was wondering if you could use one of those bearing buddies or "Red-eye" wheel bearing caps that are available for boat trailers? I think all greasable wheel bearings are basically the same design. If you hear friction or a growling sound, you most likely have a bad bearing or spindle. I'll third this that the bearing buddies aren't really for greasing the bearings. Nothing wrong with the other grease, I just use EP2 for its better moisture resistance and other additives. 07-28-2014, 02:57 PM #3 The bearings on boat trailer wheels are used both in and out of the water and need to be sealed to keep water out of the hubs. Water intrusion is easy to determine after removing the bearing dust cap or Bearing Buddy while checking the condition of the grease. An inner & outer bearing, inner seal and outer dust cap. The biggest mistake people make is using the bearing buddy as your bearing service. This is why there is a spring in the front of the bearing buddies. Bearing buddies aren’t all that bad, Best to remove the bearing, clean most of the old grease off with a paper towel, then liberally coat both sides of the bearing with new grease. Dexter easy lube hubs (not bearing buddys) are way better, they force the grease through the spindle to the inner bearing. 21 Feb 2019 Click for more info and reviews of this Bearing Buddy Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps:  27 Sep 2015 Visit Adventure Rig here: http://adventurerig. The minimum industry standard is 200 Kg. At least until I told him I was going to try something new and since we were trying to keep water out more than grease in, I put the seals in backwards and it worked. Apr 02, 2019 · Your wheel bearings help the wheels spin freely and this makes the travel trailer move down the road easily. Jack up one side of the trailer, grab the top and bottom of the tire and push and pull alternately on it, the wheel should have very little play, a trained professional can easily assess this. They reduce rotational friction and allow each wheel to spin freely around the axle. Most trailer designs nowadays supports the launch and retrieval of your boat without deep submerging of the trailer. My 150 Sport came with a Karavan trailer equipted with Sure Lube bearing system. The trailer has been kept in a garage and only been out for a few, short 1-2 days trips, over the past 2 years. The previous owner told me that the trailer has never been used. Adjustment of them is also important, do not "over tighten them. This can and will draw some water into the bearings though the seals if they leak or though the bearing buddies themselves. Keep in mind that the non-driving wheels of cars and trucks often use the same kind of bearing (it was the only kind used on modern non-powered automotive wheels until about 25 years ago), and heavier-duty trailers do too, and think how far a car, truck or a trailer with full-size wheels can go on a set of wheel bearings without any re-greasing Expert Reply: Using a Bearing Buddy to grease a hub can easily allow you to over fill the hub and blow out a seal. Take them apart and inspect every 10 years or so. Do an internet search on packing wheel bearings with the Dexter Axle Through Hub system. Loosen the nut with the socket and ratchet and manually spin the nut off the spindle. Remove Old Bearing Buddy Using Ice And Cold Beer - Boat Trailer Repair by Hello Everyone. Completely full hubs actually run hotter than normally packed bearings. Re: How often should bearing buddies get greased? It's good to atleast check the bearings every other season by pulling the hubs and inspecting, repacking and replacing seals. When adding grease you must jack up the trailer wheel and turn the wheel while SLOWLY adding grease. Bearing Buddies are almost required on boat trailers. They have a slight tapper to them. How often to you all repack your trailer bearings? I have the EZ-lube spindels with a zirk fitting, so a couple times a year I jack up the trailer and spin each wheel while I squeeze in new grease until all of the old grease is pumped out (if you don't spin it while you pump, you can blow out the rear seal). I have found good clean grease even after 10 years. Sep 27, 2015 · A complete run-through of how to repack wheel bearings on a trailer. Produced with the highest quality standards, to assure the durability that characterizes our product. If you have disc brakes, repacking wheel bearings isn’t a difficult job. When you drive down the road the bearings heat up and will get hot. If you can move or rock the piston it has enough grease. Unfortunately, over time the grease breaks down,  Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a huge selection of Trailer Wheel Hubs, Trailer Bearings, Dust/Oil Caps, Bearing Buddy Protectors, Wheel studs/bolts/nuts  Jack up one side of the trailer, grab the top and bottom of the tire and push and pull If there is play in the wheel, it's a sign your bearings need a repack. The second type I have is on the new hub for the disc breaks and it just the same except, It has a bleed hole when the spring is pushed 3/4th of the way out. Howdy, Any practical, safety, or tech reasons to do normal wheel bearings repack or is it as good as it seems to simply install bearing buddies and save a lot of my labor time. Jul 15, 2007 · Repacking Bearings w/ an Ez Lube hub - posted in The Casita Club Forum: Over the years i have re-packed many bearings on trailers and whatever and it was always the same. take out the cotter pin/remove the star washer/remove the nut and washer. Rotate the bearing as you go, ensuring that it’s filled. Carefully remove the inner wheel bearings, the washer and outer wheel bearings and place everything on a clean towel next to your job site. Jack the trailer up enough so that the tire you are working on can spin freely and place jack stand to support the trailer. Use a grease gun to pump the bearing buddy full of grease, and the wheel is ready for use. When you back your boat trailer into the cold water the bearing cool down and create a vacuum inside the hub. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be too late because a wheel bearing can fail quickly, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Place a jack stand on each side of the wheel to support it. Then put your bearing down on your clean rag. Reinstall. Blog How To Trailer and Towing Replacing Trailer Wheel Bearings · Trailer and Towing The inner bearing and seal with also come out with the hub. Aug 10, 2009 · The Bearing Buddy® system maintains a constant pressure of 3 p. These are greased when installed, but the grease can, and does, break down over time, allowing dry contact between the various elements. In my Car Trailer and Boat Trailer ( I use the bearing buddies) I put in EP2 which is synthetic. If you do it by hand, place a dollop of grease in your palm and smoosh the bearing into it with your other hand. Bearing buddies only put pressure on the outside bearing. But if your trailer sits a lot, repack as much as required to keep moisture out of the hubs. Just snug it up against the bearing till the wheel doesnt wobble. Snug the nut all the way down and spin the hub around several times. Bearing Buddies are widely used on boat trailers. I'll wipe off any excessive grease with some paper towels and put the dust cap back on the bearing buddies. Still doing good. Step 6: Roll the bearings in a clean paper towel to eliminate old grease. If you read their disclaimer, keeping the units full does not replace the task of packing the bearings. There are bearings on the inner and outer side of the hub to properly support the wheel. Have someone show you then do it your self. 1 Boat Trailer Bearing  13 Sep 2017 wheel hub and repack the bearings with fresh grease periodically? Bearing Buddy Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps - Caps - BB2441  26 May 2017 If you can turn the wheel by hand while you are doing this it will help Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps; Caps; Bearing Protector Grease  12 Jul 2015 In fact, proper maintenance of your trailer bearings is just about the most Bearing Buddy BRA to keep the excess grease off our trailer wheels. The seal is replaced every time the bearings are repacked as a part of the repacking procedure so you have a new seal each time the wheels are repacked. Now raise the handles up towards the 12 oclock position and let them drop. The bearings are run at a high road temperature and then quickly quenched in cold water. With Genuine Bearing Buddy® your trailer, hubs and axles will always be protected. Pull the  Until recently, you had two basic choices for keeping your wheel bearings your boat and trailer off the side of the highway: packing your bearings in grease and Bearing protectors, of which the Bearing Buddy brand is probably the most  The Bearing Buddy eliminates repacking and prevents wheel bearing failure, so boat trailer wheels can be completely submerged without worry. This pressurized grease will maintain bearing function as long as the seal on the hub stays functional. All you need to do is press the edge of the piston. Feb 04, 2020 · Jack the trailer axle up with a bottle or floor jack. You should check the bearings on your boat trailer at least annually and replace them if you With Bearing Buddy® installed, how often do I need to repack my bearings? We don't recommend inspecting your bearings more frequently than once every 5 years, provided you properly maintain the grease level in the hubs, and your bearings and seals are in new condition when you install genuine Bearing Buddy®. take out bearings/clean up and re-pack the bearings/new grease seal on inside side of hub and put all back together making sure to back off the Unless you're hauling all over the country everyday, once a year is fine. Used it and only had to repack mid way through the season. Also, when you change bearings, it is DEFINITELY more than a 15 minute job. 1. It bears one half, one fourth, one sixth, or one-eighth of the entire weight of both the trailer and boat combined i personaly dont use bearing buddies , i like to remove and repack each year during my """ski maintance"""" ,i dont like the idea of leaving my skis in the middle of nowhere with a seized wheel bearing or worst still watching my wheel passing me after a seized bearing has caused the axle stub to sheer off . It looks like it is spring loaded and is the spring all that holds the wheel on? what does everybody have to say about trailer wheel bearings and the "bearing buddies" fitting that were supposed to eliminate the need for re-packing the bearing grease ? someone recently told me that the grease never really reaches the rear bearing Oct 28, 2009 · For bearing buddies you just measure the inside of the wheel where the dust cap goes. We continue selling millions of Genuine Bearing Buddy® around the world and guarantee you safe trips and Re: Trailer bearing maintenance - greasing and repacking - with bearing buddies You may need to replace the seals. Don't disassemble the Bearing Buddy® to attempt to remove it. If nicks or discolorations are visible, replace all inner and outer bearings and races on both sides of the axle. Wheel Bearings Water Intrusion. 1 hour ago · Hub Bearing Torque Specification Guide 2010 19 Mar 2011 C3 General - Correct wheel bearing torque - Ok, So here I am researching the proper method for reinstalling my front wheel bearings and I Repair explains how to pre-load your new trailer hub and wheel bearings to tighten the spindle nut another 1/4 turn or about 15 to 20 ft pounds of torque. Putting a trailer in the water right away after towing, the hubs are hot, and the dunking causes the water to be pulled in quicker with a hot hub rather than a cold hub. Parts List to Repack Trailer Wheel Bearings: Trailer jack; The exact torquing amount for reassembling your trailer wheels (from manual or manufacturer) High-temperature lithium or bentone-based wheel bearing grease. Now I have to decide if I should have the bearings repacked and when. Using a set of large vice grips, lock them onto the nut with the handles pointing to approximately the two oclock position. s. 12 Jul 2017 How to Repack Trailer Wheel Bearings [Start to Finish] - Duration: 11:55. It's also a good time to look at the brakes while in there. On rear wheel drive vehicles the front bearings should get repacked every so often and the rear bearings are taken care by the rear axle fluid. take out bearings/clean up and re-pack the bearings/new grease seal on inside side of hub and put all back together making sure to back off the Oct 26, 2016 · Even though I have had "Bearing Buddies" on every boat trailer that I have ever owned, Sure Lube is a better system. What is cleaning and repacking the wheel bearings all about? A car’s wheels rotate on tapered-roller bearings which fit between the stationary axle spindle and the rotating wheel’s hub/brake mechanism. If the EZ lube aren't lubed correctly grease can be forced past the rear seal and get on the brakes. Clean everything, blow the bearing out with an air compressor. This forces the grease into the bearing and out the other end. The zerk fitting where you insert the grease is sitting on a spring loaded disc or piston that will move outward away from the hub as grease is added. Wash the bearings out in solvent and repack using the proper procedure. Its a snap to do. Repack wheel bearings; OR, Bearing Buddies??? Howdy, Any practical, safety, or tech reasons to do normal wheel bearings repack or is it as good as it seems to simply install bearing buddies and save a lot of my labor time. Dexter axles have a grease fitting to add grease to the wheel bearings. Thirty plus years of towing 10,000-15,000+ a year and never, ever lost a bearing or seal. Bearing failure can be expected within two seasons in fresh water - one season in salt water. Figured since the trailer maintenance of prev If the inner seals are good and the bearing buddies are installed, dirt can't get in to the hubs. I, also, repack my bearings annually, but as far as actually changing them annually, why? if you calculate the miles that go on our trailers annually, the bearings should last a lifetime if they are maintained. The buddies sole purpose is to keep a positive pressure in the bearing cavity which will keep water out and they only do that when the spring is compressed. Bearings and Threaded Dust Cap. IMO, there is no benefit to repacking bearings if by “repacking” you mean simply taking the dust caps / bearing buddies off and adding fresh grease on top of the grease that’s already there. I have attached a drawing of a Bearing Buddy you can check out to see what the components are. on the grease inside the hub. But our trailer rolls on standard truck tires and has two axles. How to Repack Trailer Wheel Bearings [Start to Finish] by Adventure Rig. Just google how to check trailer bearings and see what you think. Carefully fit the grease retainer and bearings, then tighten the retaining nut with a wrench. If you place a few squirts of grease into the fitting it does little good Sep 15, 2010 · Your wheel bearings were probably originally lubed with a lithium-12-complex grease, a perfectly good grease for wheel-bearing use, even on a boat trailer if it's maintained. Just buy new seals and a tub of Bel-Ray Salt Water Proof wheel bearing grease. , submerging trailers in salt water makes for some pretty ugly bearings after a season Jun 22, 2009 · Boat generally gets a shot of grease through the bearing buddies every 3rd trip to the lake or so (about 100 miles round trip or once a year). Key Benefits NLGI GC-LB Certified Typical weld point of 620 Kg. If I am going all the way up to Powell I put a fresh shot in before I leave. Be sure to take your old parts with you when you seek replacements for them. The Bearing Buddy system just lubes the outer bearing and creates an over-pressure in the hub. 11:55. In general, trailer wheel bearings should be serviced annually or every 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Apr 13, 2008 · Wheel bearings on an automobile are packed when a brake job is done, usually good for 50,000 miles or more, trailers don't usually see this kind of mileage. At first each trip you will have to add grease. I run them on all my boat trailers and never have to replace bearings. Backed by 12-month, 12. Feb 04, 2020 · Wheel bearings, whether they're on an RV or a trailer of some sort, are essential in helping the wheels spin easily and freely. Visually inspect the bearing and race surfaces. It should be replaced every time you remove it to repack the bearings. Apr 08, 2009 · I repack all four hubs every 8-12 months, new bearings and races every two years. Bearing buddy's are your friend. Set Packing the bearings with grease goes quickly with the bearing packer. Small trailer with small wheels EVERY TRIP. Do the next wheel then let the thing down off the jack stand, tighten the nuts up, and head for the other side and do it all over again. Three things that affect the strength of an axle include the diameter of the steel, the design load of the bearings and the design load of the stub machining. The wheel bearing is a fascinatingly powerful, yet simple machine. Nov 24, 2004 · Install the hub and bearings onto the spindle. A slight grinding sound or a wheel with play warns of imminent bearing failure. All grease is not created equal. Grease fitting in the center of the spindle, with a passage to the rear of the bearing. If the rear seal is working properly, the grease will be held in the axle area and will fill the voids around the axle until sufficient pressure builds to force the grease forward to the outer bearing and to force grease into the bearings. I'm getting ready to repack my front wheel bearings. A 12-step guide on how to repack or replace the worn bearings of your boat trailer tires. Keeping Wheel Bearing Maintained. Make sure your work area is properly prepared. (Not an ad for Amsoil, just stating what we used) Finally, I have a 1965 Chevy C10 pickup. You want it to be nice and yucky. Follow these steps to repack the wheel bearings for drum brakes: I put a set of bearing buddies on my trailer. Put your hands on the top of the tire, and push it to the center of the trailer, and then pull it back to you. Here are some tips for the care and feeding of boat trailer wheel bearings. As opposed to oil bath hubs, Bearing Buddies allow you to check the amount of grease inside the hub easily. Some manufacturers recommend inspecting and greasing an RV's wheel bearings once every season, or at least every 10,000 miles. (at this stage replace bearing if need be) Do NOT retighten castellated nut other than by hand. The bearings are 1-1/4 bot on the inboard side and the outboardside of the hub and to get to the inboard bearing you have to pull the oil seal usually destroying it. It is not until they begin to squeak or there is dangerous wheel shutter that owners tend to take notice. Repack the bearing with grease if required, but never overfill the cavity or bearing buddy. You could use one of those nifty drive-on trailer wheel jacks if you have one, for use with a tandem axle trailer. How To Change and Repack Wheel Bearings When repacking the bearings, you will do one wheel at a time. Remove the bearing buddy or dust cover. Bearing buddies usually do their job for a long time. Even if you’re not a gifted mechanic you can still pack your own trailer wheel bearings by following this guide. They seal They do not change any other need to inspect or repack the bearings. Wheel bearing maintenance frequency depends on the trailer type, wheel size, and average load weight. The trailer's wheel bearings are often neglected because they are out of sight. Is it necessary for me to take them off and take the bearings out of the hubs to repack them? I was thinking that maybe pumping grease [through] the bearing buddies until it came out the back the the hub would do the trick. Costs is $11 for each of the seals. Should I pack the bearings with grease then install or can I just add grease using the grease fitting after they are installed. To reinstall the wheel assembly, liberally grease the spindle, and pack grease into the bearing races. Jacked up the wheels at home and found a noisy wheel bearing (loose and grinding). Foreign objects such as dirt can actually contaminate bearings and this may lead to the assembly breakdown. Try to tip the wheel. To remove the center hub nut, you'll need a fitting socket and ratchet. I just fill the bearing buddies with grease every other trip. Since the hub is always full of grease (with proper maintenance) there is no need to repack your bearings. Bearing Buddy's boat trailer wheel bearing protectors are intended to replace and dirt out of hubs and bearings; Eliminates the need for bearing re-packing  I also jack up the wheels ever year and spin them to check for any signs of I have never had bearing buddies, so I repack once per year. Clean and Repack Wheel Bearing Service. Some customers have reported that their Bearing Buddy® units were removed for the first time after 10 to 15 years of use, and the bearings Oct 07, 2014 · You should check the buddies every time before you launch to make sure the spring is compressed and pull your bearings down once every other year for repacking unless you put a lot of miles on the trailer if fresh water use. Until using bearing buddies and synthetic grease, the whole boating industry suffered a high rate of failed trailer wheel bearings. Even grease labeled "marine" can be incompatible with boat trailers. This has a zerk fitting behind the dust cap allowing the grease to come out of the inboard bearing and out the outboard bearing as well, it is kind of messy to lube the bearings this way. 3. Bearing Buddies keep a constant stream of grease flowing through the bearings. Not recommended for centralized dispensing systems. Lay sheets of paper towel on the ground to set the bearing buddies when they are taken off of the wheel hub. The Bearing Buddy eliminates repacking and prevents wheel bearing failure, so boat trailer wheels can be completely submerged without worry. They always had water in the grease. Be sure as you repack your bearings that you keep all the parts from each wheel separate from the other. Remove Pry off dust caps using a screwdriver by tapping the blade under the lip and rotating the hub as you pry off the cap. Greasing, or repacking, A bearing packer makes greasing boat trailer bearings easier and neater. May 25, 2012 · New bearings need to be packed with grease manually, not by the bearing buddies. Too much grease in the bearing buddies You can manually check the Bearing Buddy to be sure it has enough grease. Put the wheel back on the trailer and put the lug nuts back on, tighten them down as far as you can with the wheel spinning loosely up there in the air. With conventional wheel bearing grease, the grease will become muddy or chocolate milk looking after the water is mixed with the grease. Place a small block of wood against one side of the bearing buddy and strike it with the hammer. So, how often should you grease travel trailer wheel It depends on the trailer. Remove the lug nuts and wheel with the lug wrench and look at the back of the wheel and hub for grease. Repacking the wheel trailer bearings on your utility or boat trailer is quick and easy, and Bearing grease; Brake cleaner (spray can); Clean rags; Kerosene  The original and still the best! Millions of bearings owe their lives to it. Do the same with your hands at 3 and 9 o’clock. Place your hands on the tire at 12 and 6 o’clock. Try and avoid submerging your bearings (and trailer) too deep in the water if you can help it. We found Amsoil synthetic bearing grease. Bearing Buddies are great ideas, but water can still get inside your bearings, if there is any kind of leak in the inner seal. By repacking the bearings annually or every 12,000 miles you allow yourself to evaluate all of the components in the hub-axle system and replace any that are worn. FYI, bearing buddies are the cause of most bearing and seal failures. I pump in grease until it comes out the front end of the bearing buddies and the stop. Before the installation of a bearing buddy, all the bearings have to be removed, cleaned, and repacked. Basic trailer maintenance explained. Undo the nuts and remove the wheel, then prise off the bearing dust cover with a pair of multi-grips or, if it’s stubborn, by tapping a hammer on a screwdriver (as pictured). Bearing Buddies. Mackay trailer designs supports the launch and retrieval of your boat without deep submerging of the trailer. You don't need any more than that. At least once annually is a good schedule for repacking the bearings on any trailer on the road full-time. Let us begin by capping off some details about bearings. Having a buddy bearing that allows you to pump grease in definitely helps and may make it so you don't have to remove and repack the bearings quite as often. All bearings require a good supply of lubrication to work correctly and must be “repacked” with fresh grease to prevent damage to the bearing and the wheel. The trailer I have that gets a few thousand miles a year has a dexter axle with EZ lube spindles. Remember to keep the bearing clean – any dirt that gets trapped in the repacked bearing can cause damage over time. com & spent about 6 hours researching repacking wheel bearings, changing wheel bearings & maintaining trailer wheel bearings. Water and dirt kill bearings, and improper set up. Take your chisel and gently tap on the inner bearing with a hammer to remove the wheel’s grease seal. Everything I learned on my info search is all here in this thread. The grease will never get to the inner bearing, and sooner or later you'll blow the seal. Try a you tube search for techniques in "repacking wheel bearings". Only put enough grease into the bearing buddy so that the piston just starts to move. The air is expelled out through the back seal when you grease the unit. 13 Sep 2017 Much has been written about the wisdom of pulling your trailer wheels apart every year or two and taking the time to inspect and repack the axle bearings. If you are having the work done by a shop I would think they repack them manually or with a fixture to do the job. They need to be lubricated regularly so that they operate at their best capacity. They dont make bearing buddies for this size that I can find, and Im not sure that those things are that great anyway??? Trailer bearings (filled with a series of metal balls) are located in the center of each wheel of a trailer. Bearings on boat trailers most often die from water contamination that causes rust and from particle contamination that causes abnormal wear and failure. I went with bearing buddies so I could do it easily on the small trailers (Small means no brakes by the way and as I said wheels less than 14") 1 hour ago · Hub Bearing Torque Specification Guide 2010 19 Mar 2011 C3 General - Correct wheel bearing torque - Ok, So here I am researching the proper method for reinstalling my front wheel bearings and I Repair explains how to pre-load your new trailer hub and wheel bearings to tighten the spindle nut another 1/4 turn or about 15 to 20 ft pounds of torque. If you have drum brakes, go right ahead and repack the bearings yourself. Pack the bearing by hand with amsoil blue waterproof synthetic grease. Servicing your wheel bearings includes removing the wheel hubs and bearing, cleaning the bearings and inspecting the bearings and races for wear, damage or heat, repacking using a high quality synthetic bearing grease and reassemble using a new seal and cotter pin, making sure the bearing is adjusting correctly. 2. Grease also breaks down on stored trailers, allowing corrosion to form. Grease or There is no need to repack bearings if a good quality lubricant is used and the lubricant. Re: Repacking bearing buddies Someplace I saw something similar to BB but they used clear plastic and were to be filled with oil. Support the trailer with jack stands and then spin the wheel and listen to the trailer bearings. If water gets inside, the wheel bearing grease will not work as well and the bearings could fail. It replaces Bearing Buddy allows quick lubrication level check and ends the need to repack bearings. Apr 14, 2016 · Repack the bearing with grease if required, but never overfill the cavity or bearing buddy. The first step is to jack up the wheel to work on. Not for lubrication, but to keep the hub filled so there is no room for water and to push any water that makes it through the seals back out. I pulled the trailer home, about 50 miles, and the hubs felt cool. The Bearing Buddy Protectors have a spring loaded seal that keeps the moisture and debris out of the bearings. Stop when it becomes easy to turn the wheel again, and insert the cotter pin to lock the nut in that position. Amazing Work!! Even gooserider's comments about the two types of bearing buddies was right on the bullseye. It has a bearing buddy installed and I am not sure how to remove the beaing to change the seal. Set the spindle washer back in place and then replace the spindle nut. With bearing buddies, hitting them before dunking helped some, but water still gets in. While maintaining pressure on the wrench, Set the cotter pin aside, but always replace with a new one anytime you clean and repack wheel bearings. The bearing buddies keep pressure inside the hubs, so when they are submerged, the cooling hubs and bearings don't suck water in. There are bearings on the inner and outer side of the hub i personaly dont use bearing buddies , i like to remove and repack each year during my """ski maintance"""" ,i dont like the idea of leaving my skis in the middle of nowhere with a seized wheel bearing or worst still watching my wheel passing me after a seized bearing has caused the axle stub to sheer off . If the bearing buddy only serves the front bearing, then it is just cramming more grease and junk into the hub. Typical weld point of 620 Kg. Dexter says 12,000 miles or 1 year for bearings repack. com WATCH in HD! A complete run- through of how to repack wheel bearings on a trailer. While bearing buddies may apply fresh grease they do nothing for preload ect. Bring the trailer back and drop it off for me to pack the bearings even though he had bearing buddies. Mar 30, 2019 · When ever I get a new to me tractor, I clean and repack the front wheel bearings (with synthetic wheel bearing grease). Seat the wheel on the spindle by rocking it gently back and forth. Before I joined the military, we ran a race car at the dirt track. On small wheels, the bearings rotate faster. A new set of bearings will initially Grease (repack) the outer bearing the same way you did the inner and then place it back into the greased outer hub, followed by the washer. When installing, it is good practice to use a block of wood again the BB and hit the wood with a hammer (or you can use a lead hammer if you have one). Bearing  15 Sep 2010 marine-style grease into the bearing buddies on my bass-boat trailer six wheel bearings and replacing all of the greasy, oily brake shoes. Place the wood on the opposite side and hit again. Push on the edge of the piston with your finger. Place the bearing on the bottom cup, screw the top cup down snugly over the bearing, attach a grease gun, and pump grease into the bearing until it just begins to flow out the sides of the rollers. Essentially, you just jack one side of the trailer up,spin the wheel and listen for howling, grab hold of the tire and see if you can shake anything, etc. Jun 15, 2013 · My small boat trailer has a bearing seal leaking. I've always done wheel bearings on cars and trailers by the first listed method, but some guys swear you should lightly preload it and by the time it rolls down the road to the corner, the grease distributes a bit more under pressure and the bearing takes a seat and no longer has spinning resistance, giving the proper clearance and long life. When properly installed and maintained, Bearing Buddy(R) prevents wheel bearing failure and eliminates bearing repacking. Mar 29, 2015 · Evening all, 2nd outing yesterday (battery was fine this time, motor performed perfectly!). Here's a quick how-to on repacking or replacing the wheel bearings used on your trailer . I do not agree with packing the bearings every year on a trailer but will say they should be checked for play and if excessive then further inspection for bearing failure should be done. If you note a lot of free-play, you may need to replace your wheel bearings. Have seen the same on 18 wheel trucks so they can't be too bad. Recommendations For Boat Trailer Maintenance With Bearing Buddy System Question: Hi I was woundering if you have to remove the bearings every spring to repack if you have the buddy bearing system thanks what all do you have to do to your trailer in the spring to get it road worthy for summer I only owned my boat for a year How to Remove Bearing Buddies. If you put too much in it will actually come out of the seal. It’s just that you may not get the calipers back on right, which could cause your brakes to malfunction. There is  The ultimate in trailer wheel bearing protectors. I’m not going to get into all of the components of the wheels on your travel trailer, but I will say it’s one of the most vital and seemingly inconsequential parts of the unit. Tighten the spindle nut with the socket wrench. The job isn’t difficult but it is messy so it’s best to have rags and hand cleaner before you begin. Never tried them though. Tools: You are going to need some common tools to do this job. Replace the retainer nut and then set the grease cap back on the hub and use a hammer to tap it back in place. The bearing buddies did do a good job by holding the grease in while letting the hot air out. so a good product to In order to service or replace the wheel bearings on a boat trailer, it will be necessary to remove the bearing buddies from the wheel hub. But small trailers EVERY TRIP. The last step is to grease the lip of the bearing buddy and tap it into place on the end of the wheel. Aug 14, 2016 · I think I will stick with general purpose grease when I repacking my bearings. They are especially useful for boat trailers or any other type of trailer that is prone to accumulating water in the bearings, which can corrode and damage them over time. But here’s one basic rule of thumb: The smaler the wheel, the fewer the miles. Step 1. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe for more great videos! Be sure to subscribe for more great Jul 12, 2015 · Once you’ve removed the inner bearing and grease seal, you can place the inner bearing with the outer bearing and castle nut in a clean container. The jury is still out about the use of a “Bearing Buddy” or “Easy Lube” system One of Butch's customers uses a lube system on his 2004 fifth wheel. Step 3. If you pack the bearing and put a little extra on both sides that is plenty. If it is a boat trailer then buddy bearing covers are a must. Now, replace the bearing nut. Re: Trailer bearing maintenance - greasing and repacking - with bearing buddies It a good idea to service them. As opposed to oil  Anyway - how often do you guys change/repack your wheel bearings? I also installed good quality bearing buddies to keep as much grease  With Bearing Buddy® installed, how often do I need to repack my bearings? I tell if I have genuine Bearing Buddy® wheel bearing protectors on my trailer? Back. It's easy. If the wheel spins freely and quietly, proceed with repacking the bearings. You can use a flat head screwdriver to pry it out or a mullet to tap it from side to side until it brakes loose. Claimed no more repacking, cooler bearings, longer bearing life, and better MPG. take out bearings/clean up and re-pack the bearings/new grease seal on inside side of hub and put all back together making sure to back off the Keep reading to be a boat trailer wheel bearing pro! A Day in the Life of Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings . When you use the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors like # BB2441, so you do not need to take apart the wheel hub and repack the bearings. Repacking Or Replacing Your Bearings. Thread the nut down until it touches the bearing. Remove the dust cover or Bearing Buddy with a screwdriver. I was thinking of changing over to bearing buddies as a better alternative. After the hub is full of grease then have to add grease to push the spring out less than twice a year. Remove the split-pin by straightening the pin and pulling it out with pliers. They have been doing this with no returned bad bearings. You should inspect the surface that the seal rides on to make sure it is smooth and not pitted. To check if you need to replace your wheel bearings, secure your vehicle up on jack stands. When I repack bearings I clean the old bearings with gas or brake clean to get rid of the old grease and repack with fresh grease. Prevent the wheel on the other side of the trailer from moving by putting a block of wood behind it. On a single axle trailer, aim for somewhere between the axle and top of the guards; and with tandems, do not submerge below the front axle line. Larger trailers with 14 " or larger you may repack less often. If you do it often (before big trips) you have a feel for when the bearing is stating to go. Bearing buddies are crap. Bearing buddies are a force fit (re: hammered on). If there is play in the wheel, it’s a sign your bearings need a repack. If you do not you will blow out the grease seal. Lay a block of wood against the side of the Bearing Buddy® and strike the wood with a hammer. Apr 26, 2018 · Grease will not Migrate unless it is heated. You can match the grease already in your hub by using Trailer Buddy Wheel Bearing. , submerging trailers in salt water makes for some pretty ugly bearings after a season Step 9. The wheels both turn very smoothly with no noise or sticking. Boat trailer wheels can be completely submerged-safely. For boat trailers, repack the wheel bearings at the start and end of the boating season. Step 7: Remove center hub nut. Continue assembling front greased/packed bearing, etc. In such a case, it is very easy for the axle and the wheel to detach. Jun 22, 2019 · When neglected, the wheel bearing may leak and deteriorate. We were having to repack the bearings with regular bearing grease about every other week. Lay sheets of paper towel on the ground to set the bearing buddies when they are taken off Step 2. 000-mile guarantee. A true marine grease with applications in trailer wheel bearing, trailer chassis lubrication, automotive wheel bearings and outboards. If your just repacking the bearings just get a set of[2] Bearing Buddies and a grease gun [no permit needed ] And then you can do it yourself in two minutes, Or less, I put Bearing Buddies on all my trailers, and grease them at least twice a year. By taking the bearings out, cleaning and repacking them every so often, you keep that from ever being a problem. When a bearing fails it seizes, the tire stops turning and, if towed, will blow to pieces. Wheel Bearing Repacking Or Replacement. Use marine wheel bearing grease. Repacking wheel bearings is cheap   Bearing Buddy Outer Bearings - Model #1980 - Clamshell Pair - When backed into the water for launching, boat trailer wheel hubs, heated by travel, are suddenly  Results 1 - 27 of 27 These tough materials are ideal for keeping the water and dirt from entering wheel bearings of your trailer, and ensuring that they last for many  The wheel bearings need to stay well lubricated to work properly while bearing the weight of your trailer. Repack bearings with bearing grease, install rear hub bearing and rear seal, along with generous amount of bearing grease in hub and a little on spindle until hub is back on then you can apply some more. The bearings need to be inspected occasionally and by having the EZ lube or bearing buddy gizmos can put off this necessary operation and possibly allow a bad bearing along a busy highway. Boat trailers get water, the bearing buddies keep the hub full and contract when the hot axle is backed into cold water, otherwise the water would be sucked in past the seal. I owned a travel trailer years ago, 1977 to 1985 and, as I remember, I repacked the bearings my self in the driveway and put in new seals. If any of your bearing parts are damaged and you need to replace them, about $100 to do both sides. These devices fit tightly over the hubs, replacing the dust caps, and automatically lubricate bearings. If the grease If you see any of these, it's time to replace, rather than repack, the bearings. , reverse order as came apart. The correct way to do it is to change the bearing races in the hubs so you have a matched set and a guaranteed flush surface. Bought a Snap on battery powered grease gun to ease this. how to repack trailer wheel bearings with bearing buddies

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